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tv   Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Ride  CSPAN  May 28, 2017 12:49pm-1:02pm EDT

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relative to jerry. jared.o >> even though at the time our country had collectively said that this country infiltrated our election. is this good judgment? periodng the transition , from what i understand, any time you can open up lines of communication with anyone -- >> are you concerned that if there is a back channel over here, it will disrupt our ability to know what the russian's are up to? >> if there is a back channel, it does not mean that he will keep everything secret. , everyk channel administration has had it all the way back to forever. back channel communications are ways for people to communicate
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not in front of the press, but that information is not necessarily kept secret from the rest of the government. has said thated he is willing to answer any and all questions. they reached out to us yesterday to make sure we knew that was the case, and i am sure he is willing to do so. looking at what the reports have said asking questions of him, it seems to me that just based on reporting that he is not a target, so i would just wait. i think he will be more than glad to talk about all of these things instead of getting wrapped up into another hyperbole as these things can sometimes do. i think talking with him directly in getting him to answer any and all questions would be the prudent course of
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action. >> i understand, or can you stand, but- i under the washington post seem to imply that the meeting was unclear of suggested it back channel and that it may have involved michael flynn and syria. here's what i don't understand, why would someone want to set something up like that about syria and not let the pentagon know about it? >> again, i have no idea. i think it would be best to talk with these people. from a military standpoint, we have ways to communicate with russia about syria. these sources are not people who are willing to give their names, so it is hard to respond to things like this. again, there are no names, no dates attached.
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let's just let this unfold. >> we are chasing our tales when it comes to the russians as a nation. think about it this way, you have the ambassador of russia pointing back to moscow on an open channel that jared kushner is going to move into the and this he, i do not trust that -- i -- into the embassy do not trust that story as far as i can throw it. i do not think it makes sense that he would report back on an open channel note they know we -- channel that they know we are monetary. there is something suspicious about that. >> historically there has been back channels? >> i was saddened by the general saying that. i think this is an administration that takes people in with good credibility and then spit them out with bad take with -- with bad credibility.
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i think anyone in the trump able to be used. i think if you are trying to arrange secret talks with the taliban or trying to achieve the release of hostages -- but with people associated with the campaign, after that campaign has ended and where the russians during that campaign were helping you, to try and establish a back channel and hide from your own government -- >> the new york times and washington post have both reported that the talks were about syria and other policy matters. >> i do not think that necessarily mitigates this, because the russians have their own obligation -- objective in syria that is different from ours. our obligation is very much in opposition to russian policy. if american policy was going to
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,hange for the wrong reason obviously that is very problematic. just as problematic as it would have been if the conversation was on the relief of the sanctions against ukraine. it is something our committee needs to get to the bottom of. >> president trump took to twitter this morning to share his thoughts, saying, "it is my opinion that many of the leaks humming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up iv by the fake made up news media." he went on to say, "when you see sources without provided names, it is likely those sources are the up by the thickness. -- fake news."
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the bike marathon event is happening in d.c. it is a way to raise awareness about veterans' issues. it first began after the vietnam movement to remember prisoners of war. let's move forward a couple of minutes.
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>> a live look at some of the south's -- sites and sounds of the rolling thunder bike ride where participants start at the pentagon and then ride their motorcycles around the national mall before arriving back at the lincoln memorial for ceremony. navalresulted in a victory of the u.s. over japan just six months after the attack on pro-harbor. we will be live all day from the visitor center in norfolk, virginia with a 75th anniversary -- for the 75th anniversary for the battle of midway. the five start admirals who won the war at sea, the author of the book will be there to discuss.
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ofhony tolley, co-author "shattered story -- sword, the story of the battle at midway." and more authors. you can watch the anniversary special live from the macarthur visitor center in norfolk, on americanjune 2 history tv on c-span3. on sunday, june 4, author and journalist matt will be our guest on in-depth. >> one day, you see that one face that you think was put on earth just for you that you instantly fall in love in that me trump was like .hat but the opposite when i first saw him on the campaign trail, i thought this
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person is uniquely unique, horrible, terrible mistakes were put on earth specifically for me appreciatete or on -- unappreciate, whatever the verb is. years, the past 10 to 12 without knowing it, preparing for donald trump to happen. several the author of books and a writer for rolling stone magazine. his most recent book "in st. clown-- insane president." during the live session, we will take your


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